The only elevator that matches first-rate architectural specifications and skyscrapers The ultra-high speed elevator equipped with the highest level of technology and elegance

Top-rated ride comfort
Advanced safety device
Superb braking performance
  • ClassificationUltra-High Speed Elevator

  • UseOffice buildings, Hotels

50-c дээш давхар барилга

Давхарын тоо

5 ~ 18 m/sec


2,000 kg


30 хүн

Зорчигчийн тоо /max/

Product Features

THE EL elevator
1. Advanced Ultra-High Speed

Ultra-High Speed 9-Phase Synchronous Motor

The elevator incorporates an advanced fault-tolerant system with 3-phase synchronous motors in 3 sets which allows continuous operation even if a failure should occur in another part of the system.

The high-capacity, compact hydraulic brake of THE EL has excellent braking performance. This allows for control that is as much as ten times more precise than regular magnetic brakes.

2. Comfortable Riding Experience

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) System

After the door closes, it slides towards the cage through the airtight car door system. This completely seals the entrance, which is the main source of noise, resulting in excellent noise insulation and atmospheric pressure control.

The aerodynamic capsule cage, which was designed through flow analysis and simulation, minimizes air resistance, resulting in a smooth riding experience with little noise and vibration.

THE EL elevator
THE EL elevator
3. Advanced Safety Device

Emergency Stop Device / Fly Ball Governor / Three-Stage Telescopic Buffer

THE EL guarantees optimum safety at high speeds, with its safety system consisting of the ceramic emergency stop device for high braking performance, the fly ball governor for accurate speed detection and stop at above 30% of the rated speed, and the 3-stage telescopic buffer for excellent shock absorbing.

Optional Features

i-XEL elevator

Intelligent Building System (IBS)

This system connects building’s management systems and information technology to create a smart spatial culture.

i-XEL elevator

Destination Selecting System

This is a system where you select your destination floor at a landing and the most appropriate elevator is automatically serviced.

i-XEL elevator

AI Group Control System

Artificial intelligence-based analysis of elevator traffic volume enables efficient control and operation of several elevators.

i-XEL elevator

Touch-less Foot Button

Those with difficulty using their hands or carrying things on both hands can press the button with their foot to call an elevator.

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