The cutting-edge high speed elevator with a gearless traction machine and a high-precision control system, which realizes outstanding safety and ride comfort

Exceptional power efficiency
Minimized machine room
Eco-friendly development
  • ClassificationHigh Speed Elevator

  • UseResidential, Office buildings, Hotels, Hospitals

50 хүртэл давхар барилга

Давхарын тоо

3 ~ 4 m/sec


1,600 kg


24 хүн

Зорчигчийн тоо /max/

Product Features

i-XEL elevator
1. Minimized Machine Room

Permanent Magnetic Gearless Traction Machine

The permanent magnetic gearless traction machine was developed by Hyundai Elevator. There is no vibration from the mechanism of gears. You will enjoy a comfortable, smooth riding experience as if you were riding in first class.

The i-XEL allows for multipolar arrangements, making it 50% smaller and lighter than conventional elevators with induction motors. The usable space in buildings becomes increased accordingly.

2. Exceptional Energy Saving

Environment-Friendly System

The gearless traction machine that uses a permanent magnet ensures 25% lower energy consumption compared to induction motors. Highly energy-efficient lighting fixtures, such as indoor LED lighting, are used, lowering total energy consumption by around 30%.

The precise, quick motor control technology of the i-XEL elevator enables precise speed control for smooth riding experience. Using the power regenerated from elevator operation, it increases energy efficiency by more than 77.5%.

i-XEL elevator
i-XEL elevator
3. High-Class Design

Modern Design of Entrance and Car Interior

The interior creates a pleasant feel and is of a spatial design that makes the inside look much more spacious than it actually is. It provides an enjoyable, emotional experience even during the short time passengers are inside.

Each and every detail of the interior of the elevator ensures a distinctive sense of satisfaction, ranging from the detailed ceiling design that enables passengers to feel a sense of openness as soon as they enter the elevator to the panel design that ensures easy understanding of information and the buttons that offer a good sense of touch.

Optional Features

i-XEL elevator

Intelligent Building System (IBS)

This system connects building’s management systems and information technology to create a smart spatial culture.

i-XEL elevator

Destination Selecting System

This is a system where you select your destination floor at a landing and the most appropriate elevator is automatically serviced.

i-XEL elevator

AI Group Control System

Artificial intelligence-based analysis of elevator traffic volume enables efficient control and operation of several elevators.

i-XEL elevator

Touch-less Foot Button

Those with difficulty using their hands or carrying things on both hands can press the button with their foot to call an elevator.

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