Hyundai Elevator is committed to providing superb transfer service in such fields as elevators, escalators and moving walks in order for safe, fast and convenient transfer experiences that meet the requirements of the evolving urban architecture.

founded on

May 23, 1984


Song, Seung-bong


4,217 people

Global networks

53 countries

Major Performance


New elevator installation in Korea for 13 consecutive years

Grade A

Credit rating by Korea Ratings


Elevator maintenance in Korea for 5 consecutive years


Market share in Korea


Number of elevators for maintenance


Elevator production (Number of units)

18 m/s

Development of Ultra-High Speed Elevator traveling at


‘ANYVATOR’ won Gold Prize at iF Design Awards for the first time in the world’s elevator industry

* Based on data in 2019

Main Facilities


Hyundai Elevator has about 70 places of business in Korea and overseas and based on the extensive network, is taking a leap into the world market.


Hyundai Asan Tower, founded in April 2009, verifies the safety and reliability of ultra-high speed systems, products and parts.

Technology Research Institute

Technology Research Institute was founded in 1986 to focus on developing new products. Now about 100 researchers are dedicated to technology development to make Hyundai Elevator a leader in the world market.

Customer Care Center

Customer Care Center is open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, as an advanced customer center with a geographic information system for the first time in Korea, and dedicated counselors. The CCC is committed to promptly handling product inquiries and failures, etc.